Ace Tandem

A Fisherman's Instruments


This is a 55 inch Musky caught by Phil Blanck on a Black and Green Ace Tandem. This is the largest Musky recorded, caught on a Ace Tandem.


Here's Becky Oestreich with Her 1st Musky. A fatso 35"er caught on a Black and Chartreuse Ace Tandem, Bone Lake. Becky is also the skirt maker of the Ace Tandems and Wife of Jerry. Here's Becky with her biggest. 48" Bone lake monter hit a Black & Chartreuse Tandem that she made special for Bone lake. 




"First spot with an Ace Tandem, first fish with an Ace Tandem.  I think 46" of toothy LOTW muskie says I will be using them a lot more often now that I've found them.  Thanks, Jerry."
Justin Gaudry
Mylie's Place Resort 


Justin Oestreich with a nice 43"er he caught on an Ace Jig


49 1/2" on LOTW 2007